Saturday, 19 January 2013

Borang Submission for MBSB PFI

1.     Please indicate product package MBSB/tenure/second account/internal overlap-for which account ( for multiple accounts)/etc @ application form top right. Any additional info that you need to highlight to CPR (credit processing reviewer officer)- please write it down as well.

2.     Please include copy of income sheet.

3.     Customers must fill-up all section and initial all pages of the MBSB application. SECTION D- mandatory (must be spouse or next of kin ONLY) not under aged children/fiancĂ©e or elderly parents. Section D is very important for insurance claims and customer’s verifications.

4.     Please COMPLETE all relevant documents as well e.g. ARB,TK,Banca,Biro/etc (if applicable)

5.     All documents related to MBSB PFI application must be clear copies with at least one original CTC especially for new customers. Please provide LATEST pay slip.

6.     AG State- please forward ORIGINAL confirmation letter with LETTER HEAD and LU signed by customer. This document is very important to confirm the PTJ Pusat TanggungJawab for salary deduction from each state/or to avoid any dispute from employers.

7.     Passbook not valid – Bank Agro & Bank Persatuan.

8.     Any request to change HP number for aqad purposes, customer must request in writing and forward to your respective Liaison.

9.     RS validity still remains at 14 working days & EXPRESS LANE applicable for wedding/medical & IPTA/S’s bill purposes ONLY.